In their natural environment discus fish have access to diversified food which is rich in macro and micronutrients and vitamins essential to the growth and health of fish. In artificial environment such as aquarium we are responsible for our pets’ diet. If such a diet is unbalanced it leads to weakening of immune system, sickness and even death. It is difficult to make well balanced and varied fodder for your fish on your own. To provide your fish with all needed elements, keep them fit and improve their colour we suggest NEW LIFE SPECTRUM DISCUS FORMULA. Pablo Tepoot through dedication and hard work, created perfect, well balanced food which is hormone-free and which consists of high quality and easily digestible ingredients. The food has been appreciated by breeders and aquarists all over the world. Varied ingredients accelerate growth of beneficial bacteria flora and make digestion easy. It hugely boosts immune system function and enhances full spectrum of colours. How indispensable food it is we ascertained while feeding our own fish. Here you can find more nlsfishfood.com If you want to buy NEW LIFE SPECTRUM DISCUS FORMULA please don’t hesitate to contact us.